Postpartum Package

Personalized guidance and care to new parents, aiding with recovery and newborn adjustment

At Cradle&Coos, transparency and clarity are at the heart of everything we do, especially when it comes to pricing and the extensive support we offer. Our Postpartum Package is crafted with flexibility in mind, tailored to accommodate your needs on a weekly basis. We understand the importance of adaptable support during this time, and our varied options are structured to blend seamlessly with your schedule, ensuring you have the assistance you require exactly when it matters most.

1-Week Concentrated Support: $2,000 to $2,500 for the week

Tailored for parents with existing support networks at home, seeking additional guidance during the early postpartum period and when acclimating to life at home with a new baby.

Benefit from roughly 5 hours of support each day, or 35 hours for the week, arranged on your preferred days during the first week after birth. 

2-Week Intensive Support: $1,500 to $2,000 per week

Explore our highly sought-after mid-tier package, thoughtfully designed to offer holistic support for both parents and baby, meeting their diverse needs with care and expertise.

Enjoy around 4 hours of daily support, amounting to 28 hours throughout the week. Customize your support schedule as needed.

4-Week Support: $1,250 to $1,800 per week

Our premier model provides unmatched support for parents as they navigate their new lives with a baby at home, attending to every aspect of their family's needs with expertise and compassion.

Receive approximately 4 hours of support per day, totaling 28 hours per week. You can distribute these hours across the week as you prefer.

Our postpartum doulas can support you with a variety of needs, including but not limited to:

Newborn care techniques: Educating you on newborn care fundamentals, from bathing and diapering to swaddling and soothing.

Feeding assistance: Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both, our doulas provide guidance and support to help establish a successful feeding routine.

Emotional and physical recovery support: Assisting with your physical recovery from birth and providing emotional support to help you navigate the postpartum period.

Sleep strategies: Offering strategies and assistance to help improve sleep for both you and your baby.

Household help: Lending a hand with light household tasks such as meal preparation, laundry, and tidying up, allowing you to focus more on your recovery and bonding with your baby.

Resource and referral assistance: Connecting you with additional resources and support networks in your area, including lactation consultants, pediatricians, and parent groups.

These packages are designed to be as flexible and supportive as possible, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy these precious first moments with your new baby while having the assistance and guidance of a professional postpartum doula.