Birth Package

Personalized support before, during and after childbirth, focused on an empowering birthing experience

At Cradle&Coos, our Birthing Package, ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 and encapsulates a comprehensive suite of services designed not only to support you physically and emotionally through your birthing journey but also to empower you with knowledge and confidence every step of the way. After the initial consultation, we will short-list three of our doulas that match your preferences. You will have the opportunity to interview each for 30 minutes, helping you make an informed choice about who you resonate with the most. Based on these interviews, we will collaboratively work with you to select your primary and backup doula, ensuring uninterrupted support for your birth.

Regardless of who you end up selecting, here's what you can expect from our birth doulas: 

Complimentary Consultation
Start your journey with a no-obligation meeting to explore your birth preferences and expectations, ensuring our doula services align perfectly with your vision.

Extensive Initial Intake
Upon joining our care, a detailed 2-hour virtual session will be scheduled. This vital meeting covers everything from your medical and mental health history to lifestyle factors affecting your pregnancy. It concludes with a personalized plan focusing on nutrition, body movement, and stress reduction, alongside a curated list of resources specifically tailored to your needs.

In-Depth Prenatal Visits
Two home visits, timed around the 32nd and 37th weeks of pregnancy (may differ depending on the specific trajectory of each pregnancy), offer a deep dive into your birth desires, addressing concerns and building your confidence in birthing. We cover everything from birth and postpartum planning to breastfeeding and newborn care essentials, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for you and your baby.

Unlimited Communication
Enjoy boundless access to phone, text, and email support throughout your pregnancy journey. We encourage open communication to deepen our connection and understanding.

Resource Library and Referrals
Gain exclusive access to an extensive lending library filled with valuable materials on health, nutrition, birth, and beyond. Plus, leverage our network for referrals to holistic maternity care providers such as midwives, massage therapists, lactation consultants, chiropractors, and more.

24/7 On-call Support
Two weeks before your estimated due date, we go on full alert, providing 24/7 on-call support. A backup doula arrangement ensures you're never without support.

Continuous Labor and Immediate Postpartum Support
From the moment you desire your doula’s presence during active labor until you're settled and bonding with your new arrival, you will receive ceaseless support. This includes physical, emotional guidance, and holistic techniques such as aroma therapy and rebozo, ensuring a comforting and empowering labor experience. After birth, your doula will assist you with initial feeding and family bonding, ensuring a smooth transition to new parenthood.

Lactation Support Session:
A crucial session within 24-36 hours post-birth focuses on breastfeeding support, offering guidance on latch, positioning, and creating a successful breastfeeding plan, ensuring a confident start.

Postpartum Visit:
Within two weeks of birth, we will reconvene to discuss your birthing experience and any ongoing needs, from  breastfeeding advice to newborn care, ensuring you feel fully supported.

Extended Postpartum Communication:
Even after our postpartum visit, you'll continue to have phone and email access for advice and support, ensuring you feel guided and reassured throughout your early parenting journey.